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The Lysander

Bill Boyall's Lysander

The Lysander trailer-sailer was designed in 1963 by Percy Blandford specifically for home construction by the amateur using marine ply panels laid on frames without the need for specialized skills or tools.

The Lysander

The standard boat is 17'(5.18m) long though many 'stretched' 19' (5.8m) versions have been built. The original design was gunter rigged to facilitate trailing but over the years Bermudan, cutter, gaff and even junk rig variants have been used with complete success and safety illustrating the stability and seaworthiness of the boat. Although originally conceived as a river and estuary craft with a draught of less than 2ft 6in a number of owners have made many longer offshore passages and returned to tell the tale!

The Lysander

The Lysander was such a success that in the early 70's a GRP version was built by Febris Marine on Canvey Island. The last one was built around 1979. Many still survive. The first ones were direct copies of the wooden boat with the standard steel bilge keels, the later production versions had a full deck/cabin moulding and moulded keels.

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